Mar 27

NEW Glide Minecraft Mini Game Release

The developers of Minecraft console edition have announced a new Minecraft console mini game for release tomorrow (27/03/2017). The new mini game makes use of the elytra wings feature recently added. Race your friends around the map and see if you can set the fastest time. The full trailer is below along with a link …

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Mar 27

Minecraft PS4: Classic Dropper map Download

This is an old skool dropper map which can be played all by yourself or with your friends. It has been a while since we have posted a new dropper map! Personally I love dropper maps as they are so much fun and challenging at the same time. They are also such a casual game mode …

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Mar 24

Minecraft PS4: Trampoline Mod map Download

This new modded map will make it possible for you to use a trampoline. Ever wanted a trampoline in Minecraft PS3? Maybe not.. but if so this mod is perfect for you! It gives you the ability to add Trampolines into your game! I think this is most interesting simply because of some of the challenge …

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Mar 22

Minecraft PS4: Lava Rain Challenge map Download

This is a brand new and awesome modded map which will add lava rain (?!?!?!?!) to your Minecraft world. Potentially the most interesting modded map released so far? I love survival in minecraft, but sometimes it can be a bit slow. This map adds lava rain which only gives you so much time to collect resources, …

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Mar 20

Minecraft PS4: All Achievements World Download

Are you also sick to try and complete all the achievements which takes way too long? Then this map is perfect for you. This really cool All Achievement map got made on the PS3 by dakonblackrose and the showcase video below got made also on the PS3 by dakonblackrose, but the map can be played on both the PS3 …

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Mar 18

Minecraft PS4: Blizzard Factions PvP map Download

Welcome back to a brand new factions map which can be played on the PS4, alone or with some of your friends. Another factions map for you to enjoy, the terrain of the map has been changed up and so has the kits added to this map. The terrain is the typcial server style hub that …

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Mar 15

Minecraft PS4 Modded Survival map Download

Again a brand new modded survival map which includes some awesome mods which makes the map a lot more fun to play. Play this map alone or with some friends. Sky Element is a survival map that has many islands (over 100!) floating, in the sky! Sky Element has many tasks for the player to complete, …

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Mar 13

Minecraft PS4: Modded Adventure map Download

A map is always more fun when it is modded. This map is a modded adventure map which can be played alone or with some friends. Welcome to The Abolition of Pernicious Adventure Map! The town has been tormented for the past 200 years by an evil force known as Pernicious…. You, Stan Wesley, must go …

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Mar 11

Minecraft PS4: Chunk Factions map Download

This is a brand new map which can be played alone or with some friends. Make sure you watch the video showcase and download the map if you like the map. This map looks like your typical factions map, in the similar style you see most factions maps. It also has a buy sell trade …

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Mar 08

Minecraft PS4: Modded Parkour map Download

Ahh.. a brand new modded parkour map. You can download this map yourself and play it. This map is really fun because it is challenging and also modded. This modded parkour map was made by DeadliestSaiyan and its amazing! I see a lot of parkour maps made in the same way. But this one just uses …

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