Apr 25

Minecraft PS4: Abandoned City Hunger Games map Download


This is a brand new map called Abandoned City Hunger games map. There is something extremely fulfilling and fun about running around looting chests for gear that could save your life in a potential battle to the death!

This map built by Fefeland is no different, in fact, having it set in a huge rundown city makes it even more exciting and even more full of suspense. The buildings around you are crumbling and falling apart as you race to gear up for a battle to the death! But being crushed by falling building is the least of your worries, you will need to avoid being brutally killed by anyone that could be waiting around the corner. Enjoy this thrilling and beautiful map with all your friends!

Minecraft PS4: Abandoned City Hunger Games map Showcase:

Download Abandoned City Hunger Games map here!

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