May 07

Minecraft PS4: Assassins Creed Hunger Games map Download

This is a brand new map called Minecraft PS4: Assassins Creed Hunger Games map Download. Assassins are deadly warriors and in this Hunger Games map you should be no different, pick a target hunt them down with precision and deadly force. This great map was built by FastTime and although is not an exact replica of any Assassins Creed towns, the architecture and level design is clearly inspired by multiple cities and towns seen in the first two games. Everything works perfectly and the map is a great size, not to large and not to small. The chests are pretty well balanced and it will take skill to over come an enemy not just pure luck. Parkour your way across the roof tops, sneak through tunnels or even take your opponents head on. No matter the method, the goal remains the same, be the last Assassin standing. Enjoy playing!

Minecraft PS4: Assassins Creed Hunger Games map Showcase:

Download Assassins Creed Hunger Games map here!

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