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May 17

Minecraft PS3/PS4 SkyBlock Modded Survival Map W/Download

This really cool SKYBLOCK map got made on the ps3 by IsNoGaming HD and the showcase video below got made also on the pc by dakonblackrose, but the map can be played on both the ps3/ps4. This epic modded map is a survival map that you play with only a tree and a shop to buy and …

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May 12

Minecraft: PS3/PS4 – Sweet Dreams Modded Money Wars Map W/Download

Here is a new game mode for Minecraft on console. SWEET DREAMS MONEY WARS. the game play on is AWESOME. I hope you enjoy and have as much fun as we did making it. Be on the look out for more amazing new game modes and maps. MAP MAKERS: TeamCastleCrafters EPIC MAP SHOWCASER: dakonblackrose Minecraft: …

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Oct 10

Minecraft PS4: Prison Escape Map Download

Overview of the Prison Escape Map: The Prison Escape Map is a puzzle style minecraft map you can download and play, the map has a number of puzzles that can be very challenging. The aim of the map is to complete the puzzles and move onto the next stage of the map and finally escape the prison. …

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Sep 30

Minecraft PS4: Paintball Map Download

Overview of the Paintball Map: The Paintball Map is a fantastic small sized map created for Minecraft PS4. This map would work perfectly for any combat style gamemode – in particular paintball. This map has been created to look like a paintball arena. I origionally thought that the game mode was paintball but its not! …

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Sep 14

Minecraft PS4: Ender Dragon Spawner Mod Map Download

Overview of the Ender Dragon Spawner Mod Map: The Ender Dragon Spawner Mod Map is a new map available for the latest patch of Minecraft PS4. The map was initially released for Minecraft PS3 but because of high demand has been ported to the newest console. It’s fairly obvious what the map adds, it adds in …

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Sep 03

Minecraft PS4: Majestic Hunger Games Map

Overview of the Majestic Hunger Games Map: The Majestic Hunger Games Map is a new map available for the latest patch of Minecraft 1.8 and 1.7.10. The map has been created by the developer Neriak – he creates many many maps and is a much respected creator in the community. So what are you waiting …

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Aug 31

Minecraft PS4: Modded Parkour Race Map

Overview of the Modded Parkour Race Map: The Modded Parkour Race Map is a fantastic map available for the latest patch of Minecraft PS4 and PS3. This is a very awesome parkour race map with modded potions and very epic looking design, run super fast and jump super high, race against your friends or set time records …

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Aug 10

Minecraft PS4: Bass Drop City Map Build Download

Overview of the Bass Drop City Map Build: The Bass Drop City Map Build is a new map available for the latest patch of Minecraft PS4. We have all seen the many amazing cities made in Minecraft, and made on the Minecraft console also. But there are very few, if any that actually cover the whole map. But this …

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Aug 04

Minecraft PS4: Mars Hunger Games Map

Overview of the Mars Hunger Games Map: The Mars Hunger Games Map! In this Hunger Games, explore the planet Mars and PvP in an epic Hunger Games battle on it! This 8 player map is filled with rocket ships, laboratory’s, and even aliens! Download the map today on your PS3 or PS4 system! This map was created …

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Jul 28

Minecraft PS4: Michael Myers Scary Map

Overview of the Michael Myers Scary Map: The Michael Myers Scary Map is a fantastic map created for Minecraft PS4. This scary map has been created for Michael Myers! The darkness and how dense the map is makes the map scary to begin with, never mind when Michael Myers is chasing after you! The aim of the game …

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