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Jul 27

Minecraft PS4: Mortal Kombat X PVP Map

Overview of the Mortal Kombat X PVP Map: Following the recent trailer, here’s the finished version of the map you’ve been waiting for…the anticipated Mortal Kombat X map! This map is visually based on the actual MKX game and suitable for full on PvP action. So download it now, invite your friends and fight to the …

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Jul 26

Minecraft PS4: Alien Uprising Hunger Games Map

Overview of the Alien Uprising Hunger Games Map: The Alien Uprising Hunger Games Map, is a fantastic map created for Minecraft PS4. This map has a back story or a theme to it. It is set in a modern city which is under attack from aliens! Who will win the war the aliens or the humans? Overall this …

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Jul 21

Minecraft PS4: Disney Pixar Hunger Games Map

Overview of the Disney Pixar Hunger Games Map: The Disney Pixar Hunger Games Map is a fantastic map available for the latest patch of Minecraft 1.8. This map is an exact replica of the map made for minecraft xbox 360 by Curved Plum and his crew. This map has been created by Aok_Lildevil_999 and some of his friends. The …

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Jul 20

Minecraft PS4: BO2 Raid Hunger Games Map

Overview of the BO2 Raid Hunger Games Map: The BO2 Raid Hunger Games Map is a very popular thing to build things from games such as buildings or characters, and Call of Duty maps. This is Raid from Call of Duty Black Ops 2. This map was origionally created on the PC. But has been recreated …

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Jul 19

Minecraft PS4: Hive Survival Games Map

Overview of the Hive Survival Games Map: The Hive Survival Games Map is of the greatest maps for Minecraft PS4 because of the fast-paced nature of it. One of the most popular maps for minecraft pc, has been recreated for players to enjoy on Minecraft ps3 and minecraft ps4. This map is not a 100% …

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Jul 16

Minecraft PS4: Atlantis Hunger Games Map

Overview of the Atlantis Hunger Games Map: The Atlantis Hunger Games Map is a map set in the legendary city of Atlantis. Atlantis is a lost world that supposedly vanished in the waves of the ocean thousand of years ago, and this map takes influence from that story. The map is based off the hunger games …

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Jul 14

Minecraft PS4: Stick of Truth Mini-Game Map

Overview of the Stick of Truth Mini-Game Map: The Stick of Truth Mini-Game Map is a fantastic Minecraft map available to download for the PS4 version. The Stick of Truth Mini-Game is based off the South Park franchise. Earlier in 2014, a stick of truth game was released on the PS4 and Xbox One, and now you …

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Jul 11

Minecraft PS4: Feux Artifice Map

Overview of the Feux Artifice Map: The Feux Artifice Map is a map that is one of its kind. If you’re going to download this map and expect an adventure map, a puzzle map, a parkour map, or any of the above – then don’t, you’ll be dissapointed. However, if you want to download and play …

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Jul 10

Minecraft PS4: Woodlands Hunger Games Map

Overview of the Woodlands Hunger Games Map: The Woodlands Hunger Games Map was built by TheDaniSann is a huge forest that is loaded with secrets and powerful weapons are scattered around. It is clear that a lot of time and effort went into this map with loads of hand planted trees and small custom caves to create an …

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Jul 09

Minecraft PS4: Winter Pain Hunger Games Map

Overview of the Winter Pain Hunger Games Map: The Winter Pain Hunger Games Map is one of the largest Minecraft PS4 maps available for download, catering to up to eight players. The map has many cool features including an entirely independent fight arena. The map has been created by the developer, MyDayVee – and can be …

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