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Jul 24

Minecraft PS4: Alpha Kingdom Hunger Games map Download

This is a brand new hunger games map for Minecraft on the Wii U. Alpha kingdom hunger games for Minecraft PS3, this map must have taken a long time to build, and thats simply because of the size of the map. This map is for up to 8 players. Because of the size of this map …

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Jan 18

Minecraft PS4: Legend of Zelda Map Hunger Games map Download

This brand new hunger games map which is a remake of the fantasy game The Legend Of Zelda is really awesome. You can play this map with four to eight players. This is quiet a small map but cool! Simply because ties a Legend of Zelda PS3 hunger games map and who doesnt like Zelda right!? …

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Dec 27

Minecraft PS4: Santas Workshop Hunger Games map Download

This is a really fun hunger games map which can be played with five to eight players on the PS4. Ever wanted to visit Santas Workshop? Well now you can in this hunger games map made for Minecraft PS4, the map was originally made for Minecraft Xbox but has been converted so you can now play …

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Oct 10

Minecraft PS4: Plato’s School of Thought Hunger Games map Download

This is a beautiful hunger games map which is taking place in Plato’s School of Thought. This map is created for a hunger games, but this is well worth a download just to explore!  The hunger games starts right out the front of a large cathedral. You can play on this medium sized map with at …

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Aug 29

Minecraft PS4: Pacman Undead Hunger Games map Download

This is a new hunger games map for Minecraft on the Playstation 4 and can be played with a minimum of four players because this map is a medium sized map. The map is a horror version of pacman and looks really cool and there are a lot of cool places in this map. Enjoy …

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Aug 19

Minecraft PS4: No Man’s Sky map Download

This is a open world map which is based of a really popular game called No Man’s Sky. No mans Sky has just been released on PS4 and PC. This map has been created by AdolescentFlame. This map is intended to be a Hunger games map, but could quiet easily be converted into a Survival or …

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Jul 12

Minecraft PS4: Undead Pacman Hunger Games Download

This map is amazing but pretty spooky at the same time! When you spawn into this world you actually spawn above the map. You then need to get into your positions with your friends. The host pulls the lever which drops everyone at the same time into the undead map! This has both pixel art …

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Jun 26

Minecraft PS4: Striker Zone Hunger Games Download

Striker Zone is like two maps in one! When you first spawn in this hunger games map you spawn into an arena! Cool right? But then you take an underground Minecart too the main part of the map which is built extremely well for a Hunger games map. Very close combat and makes for an …

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Jun 23

Minecraft PS4: Disney World Download

  Whats better than Disney World? Disney World Hunger games in Minecraft..? Well why not! If your going to battle with your friends you may as well battle with your friends at Disney World! If you are looking to explore this map I advise you download and explore this one as its very awesome! Disney …

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Jun 21

Minecraft PS4 Map: Ulitimate Cities Map Download

    Im not sure if this map is based on any cities in particular but this map is pretty awesome none the less. Unlike other cities maps all the buildings are great! A lot of the time the maps are just blocks rather than buildings. But this map cities map is the exception! World …

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