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May 12

Minecraft: PS3/PS4 – Sweet Dreams Modded Money Wars Map W/Download

Here is a new game mode for Minecraft on console. SWEET DREAMS MONEY WARS. the game play on is AWESOME. I hope you enjoy and have as much fun as we did making it. Be on the look out for more amazing new game modes and maps. MAP MAKERS: TeamCastleCrafters EPIC MAP SHOWCASER: dakonblackrose Minecraft: …

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Apr 18

Minecraft PS4: Bomberman Map

Overview of the┬áBomberman Map: The Bomberman Map is one of the finest maps that you will ever find for Minecraft PS4 or PS3. The map was created by Neriak, one of the most prolific developers in the community. Neriak has created an awesome bomberman TNT in a spooky theme! This was made for halloween but …

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Jan 30

Minecraft PS4: 15 Second Parkour Map

Overview of the 15 Second Parkour Map: Parkour is one of the most challenging minigames created with any small miscalculation will see you end up falling down to your doom. This has a way of making your knees weak, hands tremble and your palms just a little bit sweaty, now add in the fact that …

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