Feb 21

Minecraft PS4: Deadly Orbit Modded Survival map Download

This map will make you feel immersed in a hostile survival environment where you have little chance of survival. The food is scarce and you can even die of hunger, you will need to craft weapons to defend yourself and be very conservative with what you find because resources are limited.

The Soyuz spacecraft was approaching the International Space Station when a cloud of space debris broke the propulsion module. Astronauts aboard tried to communicate with the station but nobody answered…

– Board the space station.
– Extinguish the greenhouse fire and plant a tree.
– Explore the station in search of food and water.
– Repair the hull breaches.
– Take a spacewalk to get iron from the antennas and thermal control panels.
– Look for supplies in the shuttle.
– Find and activate the emergency beacon.
– Find survivors.
– Use the second Soyuz spacecraft to return to Earth.
– Trade with the 3 survivors.
– Build a glass dome.
– Build above the station the flag of a country using colored wool.
– Plant a tree of each type.
– Build a farm of each type.
– Build a water tank and catch in it a fish of each type.
– Visit the Nether.

– Use at least easy difficulty.
– Play in survival mode. You can mine, craft and place blocks.


Ermin Caft




Minecraft Wii U: Deadly Orbit Modded Survival map Showcase:


Download Deadly Orbit Modded Survival map here!

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