Jan 30

Minecraft PS4: 15 Second Parkour Map

Overview of the 15 Second Parkour Map:

Parkour is one of the most challenging minigames created with any small miscalculation will see you end up falling down to your doom. This has a way of making your knees weak, hands tremble and your palms just a little bit sweaty, now add in the fact that you will only have 15 seconds to complete each of these crazy courses.

Each of the courses are fairly small but they all look great and well thought out and are all possible to do in 15 seconds, as much as you might not believe it, they are. So go ahead and test yourself or race your friends to see who can complete all the courses in this fast paced nerve wrecking map. (We take no responsibility for broken controllers whilst playing this map.)

15 Second Parkour Map

15 Second Parkour Showcase:

15 Second Parkour Map PS4 Download

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