Mar 23

Minecraft PS4: New York City map Download

This is a brand new map called New York City map Download. Hey guys it’s dakonblackrose here and in this video i’m showing a new minecraft map I just converted for the java edition and made it to work on the xbox 360, xbox one, ps3, ps4, and the wii and who could forget the …

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Mar 20

Minecraft PS4: Pokemon Hide And Seek map Download (v2)

This is a brand new map called Pokemon Hide And Seek map Download. Hide and Seek is a mini game that many Youtubers play. Usually on the hive. Sky himself also plays it. The rules are simple if you are a hider you become a block, and you must then hide and survive as long as you can …

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Mar 18

Minecraft PS4: No Mans Sky Adventure map Download

This is a brand new map called No Mans Sky Adventure map Download. No mans Sky has just been released on PS4 and PC, and already we have an inspired map for you. This map has been created by AdolescentFlame. This map is intended to be a Hunger games map, but could quiet easily be converted …

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Mar 15

Minecraft PS4: Tour Le Parkour map Download

This is a brand new map called Tour Le Parkour map Download. Have you ever wanted to become a master of parkour? Well now is your chance, Neriak has produced and amazing but incredibly challenging parkour map for you to test your skills across a range of different jumps and blocks! From ice to soul …

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Mar 13

Minecraft PS4: Cube World Modded Survival map Download

Skyblock Survival map, Cube Block, only consits of a minecraft cube. Every side of the block has an own biom and is crossed by caves, dungeons and canyons. enjoy byyyyyeeeeee……… Enjoy playing!

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Mar 09

Minecraft PS4: Easter Egg Hunt Mini Game map Download

This is a brand new map called Easter Egg Hunt Mini Game map. This map is the very of what I am guessing is going to be a lot of maps released in this genre! This new genre of maps on minecraft ps3 is called “item hunt”.  Specifically this map focuses at hiding eggs (for easter …

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Mar 07

Minecraft PS4: Custom Creeper Modded map Download

This is a brand new map called Custom Creeper Modded map. Minecraft PS3 Save tool editor tutorial video on how to mod a custom creeper mob, to have this mod on Playstation 4 or Vita simply press the transfer option on Minecraft PS4 Map Created by NeriaK check him out on Youtube. Enjoy playing!

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Mar 05

Minecraft PS4: Cluedo Murder Mystery map Download

This is a brand new map called Minecraft Wii U: Cluedo Murder Mystery map Download. Cluedo or Clue is a board game in which players must work out who was killed in a house using certain weapons and in which room. This map is in a house and because its a muder mystery game mode its …

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Feb 26

Minecraft PS4: Fortnite Hunger Games map Download

This really cool Fortnite Hunger Games map got made by Caspian 2.0 and the showcase video below got made on the PS4 by Supershiftery, but the map can be played on both the PS4 and the PS4. This new and also good looking map called Fortnite Hunger Games map can be played with three to eight players. …

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Feb 23

Minecraft PS4: Think – Modded Puzzle map Download

Think is a puzzle map for Minecraft console, we have converted it so you can play it on Minecraft PS3 and PS4. The map comes with a bunch of puzzles which you must complete to progress to the next stage. The map also has modded mobs, crazy challenges and the nether too! This is a …

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